Why does Civilization need to be “Intentional”?



Why does Civilization need to be “Intentional”?

Our everyday existence is at the mercy of many competing forces. Profit motives, nationalism, religious and political dogma, tribalism and misinformation drive the way that we live together.


It seems like we should be able to do better, but civilization is complicated and it will not accidentally fall into place the way that we would like.It will be necessary to look at many factors and consider how they will all work together to bring about a better world.


Intentional Civilization provides a platform for people to learn about the options, decide which direction appeals to them,find others with common goals and coordinate efforts to make that future real.


Is this about UTOPIA?

You have certainly heard that utopia means “no place”. The main problem with utopia is defining it. Different people have different views of perfection, ranging from a back-to-nature pastoralism to a intense technology-driven futurism. Which is the “right” future? That depends on your personal goals.


Intentional Civilization will not be “pushing” a single direction.


Find YOUR future!